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Rapidflame Participated in 2018(Shanghai) Chinaplas From April 24 to 27, 2018, Chinaplas, the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest international rubber and plastics exhibition, was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Hongqiao, Shanghai). Rapidflame, the leading flame processer in the world, participated in this event for many times. John Davis, Technical Director of Rapidflame, made in-depth communication with new/old clients on the latest flame processing technology. The exhibition came to a successful conclusion. shot on site MORE
DYD Combustion Participated in 2018 IE EXPO China 2018 IE EXPO China was kicked off in Shanghai International Expo Center on May 3, 2018. As an exhibitor, we impressed the OEMs with products of high quality, performance, safety and cost-performance ratio. The exhibition attracted a flock of environmental practitioners. Either OEMs newly involved in the RTO industry or companies transforming from electrical heating to gas heating spoke highly of our products. We truly appreciated the trust by the new and old clients. In the future, we’ll continue to upgrade and optimize our products to present products of higher quality.Decorated the exhibition fieldClients consulted relevant productsClients consulted relevant productsClients consulted relevant productsClients consulted relevant productsClients consulted relevant productsClients consulted relevant products MORE
1.2mln Calorie RTO Burner Project for a Changzhou Film Technology Company Concluded Successfully In January, the 1.2mln Calorie Burners for the Phase I Project of a Changzhou film technology company entered the commissioning phase. Upon the ignition success at the very first trial, the ovens then were put into trial operation. Our products were highly spoken of by OEM. The 1.2mln Calorie RTO for Phase II Project of the Owner was concluded this March.Shot on siteShot on site MORE
Nanjing BYD Restructuring Project In May 2018, Nanjing BYD Restructuring Project successfully ignited for commissioning, marking the cooperation between CombustionDYD and the world leader of new energy Car. DYD offered 2 indirect drying and heating burners, 3 spary booths heating burners and 1 RTO burner for this project. With a tight timetable offered, DYD Combustion successfully overcame the technical challenge to deliver ahead of schedule to help the EPC contractor meet the restructuring requirements of the owner.Shot on siteShot on siteShot on siteShot on site MORE
Comflame-6G Combustion System Adopted by a New Material Company in Nanjing Rapidflame High-temperature Application Case II: A new material company in Nanjing adopted the Rapidflame Comflame-6G Combustion System.To respond to the nation’s environmental policies, a new material company in Lishui, Nanjing introduced a set of RTO. We delivered the supporting combustion system in March 2018, and successfully ignited and debugged on site! Our products were complimented by all OEMs and owners.Shot on siteShot on site MORE
Rapidflame G425-F-BO Combustion System Adopted by an Automobile System Company in Wuxi Rapidflame High-temperature Application Case IV: An automobile system company in Wuxi adopted Rapidflame G425-F-BO Combustion SystemTo seek green, low-carbon development, an automobile system company in Xinwu District, Wuxi introduced a set of RTO. We delivered the supporting combustion system in Mar. 2018 and successfully ignited and debugged on site!Shot on siteShot on site MORE
Comflame-6GO-BO Combustion System Adopted by an Abrasive Product Company in Hangzhou Rapidflame High-temperature Application Case VI: An abrasive product company in Hangzhou adopted Comflame-6GO-BO Combustion System.To help shape an environmental development mode, an abrasive product company in Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang introduced a set of RTO organic exhaust processing system. We successfully delivered the supporting combustion system in Oct. 2017!Shot on site MORE
G425-G1-BO Combustion System Adopted by a Petroleum & Chemical Company in Yanshan Rapidflame High-temperature Application Case VII: G425-G1-BO Combustion System Adopted by a Petroleum & Chemical Company in Yanshan.To respond to the nation’s environmental policies, a petroleum & chemical company in Yanshan introduced a set of RTO. We delivered the supporting combustion system in April 2018 and successfully ignited and debugged on site!Shot on site MORE
DYD, Sole Chinese Agency for Maxitrol As the only authorized cooperation partner in China for U.S. Maxitrol from 2011 to present,Founded in 1877, Maxitro possesses production factories in both the US and Germany. With 400 employees, the company is specialized in the production of gas filter, pressure regulator , i pressure stablizing valve, air-fuel proportion valve/zero pressure valve, high-accuracy gas flow controller, and business/domestic gas temperature controller. Certified with CE, CSA, AGA, DVGW and UL international certifications, its products feature guaranteed quality and safety in use.Maxitrol production baseMaxitrol strategic partnerEXA high-accuracy flow control valveSelectra high-accuracy flow control valveAir-fuel proportion valve/zero pressure valveGas water heater control systemGV series products: Temperature-control valve system for gas fireplace and commercial kitchenware MORE
2018 DYD Combustion Spring Men’s Football Games In the blossom season in April, DYD Combustion staff participated in the Spring Men’s Football Games kicked off on the night of April 17. All participants joined in this event with full enthusiasm. The competition lasted for 2 hours between the two sides and the happiness made them forget about their fatigue. They showed prominent techniques on the court and left us a friendly-competing contest. When the night fell, the game was drawn to an end of 9:8.Football game is one of our company’s features(in addition to Ping Pong and badminton). After the game, all of them appealed to more games in the future. MORE
DYD Combustion Revisited Beijing Mercedes-Benz Revisit to Beijing Mercedes-Benz in January 2018 revealed the stable operation of the burner and accurate control of temperature.With rise of fame for Comtherm, DYD Combustion successfully introduced the brand to China. Thanks to its reliable performance and quality service, it quickly occupied the Chinese market to become a well-known high-end brand in the automobile painting sector. DYD Combustion not only offers quality products, but make users worry-free through outstanding service. MORE
DYD Combustion Serves Jisheng Company In April 2017, DYD Combustion delivered combustion system for three painting production lines for foreign-funded home appliance manufacturers. Flume incineration system DYD Combustion made breakthroughs.In June, after-sales personnel of DYD Combustion arrived at the site for commissioning service. Eventually,the ignition success rate reached 100%, with rapid temperature rise and no deviation in temperature control. Our service was highly rated by the end user.DYD Combustion has impressed all our clients with stable and safe heating system solutions, rapid delivery and reliable after-sales service.Shot on siteShot on siteShot on site MORE
Work Together, Achieve Together Time flies. While the busy 2017 is gone, the promising 2018 is around the corner. All our employees gathered in “Half Day’s Break” farm for our annual meeting on Jan. 13, 2018, where we generalized our achievements and shortcomings in the past year and blueprinted our directions and objectives in the coming year.Kicked off with happy team building activities such as the warm-up exercise and the team collaborated games, the annual meeting brought DYD employees closer to each other. After lunch, General Manager Mr. Fu Baichuan delivered the speech entitled “DYD Combustion – Blossom in 2018”, who summarized performances of Shanghai DYD Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2017 and depicted the development orientation for the company in 2018. After the short break, the 2018 DYD Combustion Annual Meeting officially started, where excellent teams and employees were awarded. Games such as Happy Treasure Hunt, Carrot Squad, Guess What You Describe and You’re Most Beautiful, and various gifts filled the meeting with excitement and gaiety. The meeting rose to its climax with six rounds of lottery drawing activities and awarding of 21 awards. Eventually, the biggest gift, the ECOVACS cleaning robot, was presented to a salesperson. All employees raised a toast for the company. We flied the wish lanterns, sang together by the bonfire and sat together to have barbecues. The annual meeting was closed in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere. Looking back to 2017, we worked together to make joint harvest. Looking into 2018, we bear full confidence to expect a greater achievement for DYD Combustion. MORE
DYD 2017 “Happy Family” Fun Games In early winter, DYD Combustion unveiled its fun games with team building activity, football games and cooking activity. All team members had fun together like a family. MORE